Robotics Team Show Their Stuff (Updated 1/13)

The FIRST Robotics competition is a game of the mind. High school students form a team and spend six weeks designing, building, and programming a robot to perform several tasks. The tasks are based based on the challenge for the year is. The annual kick off starts in January. At the kick off the challenge is revealed to all the teams at the same time in a live nationwide video feed. The build time is six weeks. During the build students experience a real world engineering environment of limited amounts of time, money and available parts along with learning to work as a team.Students interact with other students from different teams and learn new ideas. The competition starts for the Thorp/Kittitas team with qualifying rounds at Eastern Washington University on March 6,7 & 8 and Central Washington University on March March 27, 28 & 29. If your team is in the winning bracket you move to regionals in Portland and then the world competition in St. Louis, Missouri.

This year the Thorp robotics team has combined with Kittitas to offer this opportunity to more students in the valley. The task this year is to pick up a small exercise ball and pass it, catch it, and make it into one of three goals. The main focus for this competition is team work. Being able to work with the two other teams in your alliance gives you bonus points. Thorp is using last years experience to organize and prepare for this years’ competition. At last years competition Thorp received an award for for highest finishing rookie team. The competition was quite challenging, especially for a rookie team confronted with programming and electronic issues. The guiding principle of FIRST is gracious professionalism. Everyone helps all participants to be successful, and we were beneficiaries of that principle. We received lots of help from other teams and ended up placing 22nd out of 50 teams. This year Thorp is planning on going to the competition in Cheney, WA on March 6-8 and the competition at CWU is on march 27-29. Come out and watch the competition and support your local school. Discover new and exciting people and watch the intelligence of our young students come to life.